Phase: Complete
Location: Westmoreland County
Anticipated cost: $92.8 Million

Project Schedule

Preliminary Design:
Environmental Clearance:
Right-of-way Acquisition:
Final Design:

Project Overview

Construction Complete

The project, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), involved the reconstruction of two full interchanges: Exit 53, the Yukon Interchange provides access to and from Huntingdon Street and Route 3010 (Wyano Road); and Exit 54, the Madison Interchange provides access to and from Route 3037 (Waltz Mill Road) and Route 3014 (Borough Line Road/Hunker Waltz Mill Road).

Deficiencies in roadway geometry, spacing of the interchanges, and condition of the structures coupled with increasing volumes have decreased safety in operations. This transportation project addressed the roadway and structural deficiencies and accommodated the projected traffic demand thus benefiting the local community. The overall project included reconstruction of 3.7 miles of I-70, widening the median to a minimum of 10 feet, providing 12 foot outside shoulders, reconstructing the interchanges at Exits 53 and 54 by lengthening the ramp acceleration and deceleration lanes, and providing an eastbound auxiliary lane between the two interchanges. The project also included replacement of four mainline I-70 bridges, one mainline I-70 buried culvert, a new proposed culvert at the eastbound on- and off-ramps for the Yukon Interchange and maintenance on one Route 3010 structure.

Project Mapping

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PennDOT Contact

Name: Dominec Caruso, P.E.
Organization: PennDOT District 12
Title: Assistant Construction Engineer
Phone: 724-439-7286


Roundabouts under construction

I-70 construction near the Yukon Interchange